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Parksville / Qualicum Beach's only Apple Certified Macintosh Technician (ACMT) and Apple Support Professional, Dan LaRocque, posts semi-regular tips and blogs about his day-to-day experiences with Macintosh computer technology, social media, web marketing & design and other technology related developments.

July's Apple Tips And Tricks Newsletter

How To Create An Apple ID, Quick Guide to Bits and Bytes, How To Change Your Wifi Network Password, How to create a monthly calendar item, How to set a specific ringtone, recent software updates

How To Create An Apple ID

Hard to believe, but there are people out there using Mac computers who have never created an Apple ID. Any computer post-Snow Leopard does require an Apple ID to be able to buy apps, rent movies, buy music and books, and take advantage of the benefits of iCloud.

The process is pretty straightforward. Navigate to https://appleid.apple.com/account and fill in all the details. The tricky part comes at the point where you have to answer a series of security questions. The problem is, you could potentially forget the answers to the questions 2 or 3 years down the road, or even tomorrow afternoon, if you're like me. Best practice would be to take a screenshot of the answers by pressing command-shift-4 simultaneously and drawing the mouse coordinates over the answers. Store the screenshot on your desktop, or wherever else you can find it easily. You'll also have to fill in your birthdate. Please don't try to trick them into thinking you're younger than you actually are. Don't laugh, I've seen it happen. When, not if, you forget your Apple password, you will need these details to reset your password.
You don't need to add your credit card info at this moment, you can choose 'none' as your payment method.
Create a good, strong password. Your Apple ID contains many important details about you, and you don't want scammers getting access to those details. Refer to one of my older blog posts about how to create a strong password here. http://www.upyourmedia.com/…/13-passwords-and-security-for-…
You'll have to verify your email address before the ID becomes active, just follow the link in the email Apple sends.

A Short Guide to Bits and Bytes

Your computer uses bits and bytes to process information. 1000 bytes is a Kilobyte. 1000 KB is a Megabyte. 1000 MB is a Gigabyte. 1000 GB is a terabyte. Your front facing iPhone camera takes pictures of about 150-300 KB, the rear-facing camera is closer to 3 MB. So if you have a 1 TB hard drive, you can cram in with about 333,000 selfies. Get snapping'!

How To Change Your Wifi Network Password

There are a few reasons why you might want to change your wifi password. I use the technique to get my unco-operative teenage son's attention. To do so, log in to your modem via Safari by typing the modem's IP address in to the address field.  (Telus and Shaw addresses and passwords will be printed on the modem itself, for D-links etc, you may have to do a Google search for the address. It will look something like Look for your wireless settings, change the SSID (network name) if you wish. CSIS Surveillance Van, or Click Here Mom are two good choices. Then change the password. Distribute the password at your discretion. Keep in mind that ALL of your devices will have to have the new password entered, including your wireless printer, iPhone, Apple TV, etc, 

If your wifi is being served through an Apple Airport Extreme or Express, you can easily change your password through the Airport Utility.

How To Create A Recurring Calendar item in Calendars

You can create monthly recurring events in your Calendar app. (or weekly,  bi-weekly, or even every 2nd Friday of the month).  Easy, and handy for regular events, such as pre-authorized payments, book-club meetings etc. I use this one to keep track of my pet's flea medications. Create the event as normal, but when you go to edit it, click the 'repeat' option in the data field. Choose the applicable option, daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly. Alternately, you can select Custom, which will allow you to set custom details, such as every six weeks, every 3rd Tuesday, etc. You can even choose to be alerted the day, hour or week before, to ensure that you're prepared. Works!

How to Set an Individual Ringtone for a Specific Contact

I love my ringtones, and I love to be able to know who is calling or texting without even glancing at my phone. I've created many many ringtones that I assign to my favourite contacts, many of them that are fully in line with the personality of the contact, and I'm working on making them available on my website. There are 2 dozen stock ringtones already available to you on your iPhone, and to assign one to any contact, you need to navigate to your Contacts App, open the specific contact of your choosing, click edit, then change the ring or text tone from default to one of the other tones available. It really does make ignoring your phone a little easier, and can set yours apart from the other 15 iPhones in line at the bank. 

How to Deactivate Your Facebook Account and Change Your Language to Pirate. Arrrr!

That was a pretty good "Intro to Facebook" workshop for about 40 PQMug members last night. Two things that came up were how to deactivate your account, and how to change your language to Pirate. For the latter, click the triangular drop down menu at your far right, go to settings, choose General, select language, and save. Yarrrr!





How to deactivate your Facebook profile



Get Some Peace, Stay Connected Using Do Not Disturb Mode on Your iPhone

blog1-img1I must have inadvertently turned on 'Do Not Disturb' mode on my iPhone 4S a couple months ago, because my phone seemed to randomly stop ringing for most phone calls and text messages.

That was OK for the most part, because I had more or less stopped answering my phone anyway and no text message was ever so important that it couldn't wait a few minutes for me to visually check my screen. Still, it didn't blog1-img2make sense that some calls and messages got through while others did not. And as one who has 50 + custom ring and text tones, I was missing out on my personal symphony

'Do Not Disturb' mode is available to you through either the Control Center, or with more options through the main Settings page in IOS 7. You can customize which calls and texts will ring through from either your phone favourites, or any group in your address book.

Keep in mind the calls and texts are still going to voicemail, and available visually on the screen, your phone just won't alert you through the speaker. You can schedule when it kicks in, say from 5:00 pm till 9:00 am and buy yourself some peace and quiet, while keeping closely, if not constantly connected.

Back Up Your Hard Drive With Time Machine

Backing up your hard drive has never been easier, thanks to the software Apple has been including with your Operating System since Leopard 10.5.

I've done it myself, more than once, it's true. I've had hard drives fail on me without having a back-up of any kind. It was devastating, but eventually I learned, and now I keep redundant back-ups of all my data, thanks to the affordability of external hard drives and the native Time Machine software. Still, I see it every week, and my un-scientific study shows a good 40-60% of people still don't keep a good back-up.

Here's how easy it is to do: blog2-img1

  1. Plug any external hard drive into the USB port on your Mac.
  2. When the Time Machine software launches and prompts you whether or not you'd like to use said external hard drive as your Time Machine back-up, say yes.
  3. Get some sleep.

Seriously, it's that easy. In operating systems Mountain Lion 10.8 and previous, you don't even have to partition the disk, just click yes and ignore. In Mavericks you will have to partition the hard drive as Mac OS Extended (journaled) in Disk Utility, but the software will lead you like an ox by the nose through every step.

The beauty of Time Machine, is that you can access old files that you've changed in the past, and restore the old configuration of that file to the present date. Consider if you've changed your iPhoto library, or deleted an important email, or edited a movie, document or Garageband file. Also, if your hard drive should fail, and the probability of that is 100%, you can restore your entire system, docs, and network settings from that most recent Time Machine back-up.


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