Apple Workshops and Classroom Training

Update Summer 2020. Obviously, with things as they are, we are not doing classroom setting workshops. We are offering in-house training only, with masks and sanitization protocols in place. Watch for another update in early 2021. Stay safe.


Feb 2020. At long last, it's time to announce another round of Apple tech workshops. They'll be held on the third Thursday of the month, 2 to 4 pmworkshop_poster_2.jpg at the McMillan Arts Centre in Parksville.



Intro To Mac Part 1 - The Fundamentals of Your Mac Computer - March 19 - 2 to 4 pm

In this two hour workshop, we’ll explore the rudiments of the Finder and System Preferences to better understand and organize your files. Time Machine Backups, basic folder structure, anti-virus and security options. Learn basic Mac and computer terminology, how to use the Sidebar and Desktop more effectively, best practices for maintenance and more. It’s recommended but not necessary that you bring your Mac laptop if possible. Here's a link to the tickets.

 classroom trainingiPads, iPhones and the iCloud - What Can They Do and How? - April 16th - 2 to 4 pm

Right now, there is more computing power in your back pocket than NASA used to put a man on the moon. One of the most common questions I get in the course of my daily work, is "What the heck is the iCloud, and what does it mean to me?" This 2 hour workshop sets out to explain what Cloud computing means, and how to put this advanced, but simple to use technology to work for you and your multiple devices. Learn to sync your contacts, your calendars, your music and your photos on all your Cloud capable devices. Tickets available soon.

Classroom Learning & Mobile Workshops

Below is a description of the Vancouver Island University course that Dan leads, upcoming dates TBD:

learning"User-friendly, swift, powerful and almost bulletproof, the Apple Macintosh computer is increasingly becoming the choice of the discerning new user. Learn to navigate the Macintosh operating system, organize your files and maximize all your computer's features, including iPhoto, iTunes, Safari, Mail, wireless home networks and the many various possibilities that come with this modern tool of communication. Participants must bring their Mac laptops. Note: open to participants with previous computer experience/knowledge; not ideal for beginners."

Be sure to check the universities website for class availability or contact Dan for the next upcoming classes.



  • Your expeditious replacement of my hard drive is very much appreciated. I had a little trouble restoring the system, but it's now working perfectly (and it seems to be a little faster).In my excitement I forgot to ask about warranty. What do I do?Thank You again

     Trevor W Jackson

  • Hi Dan:

    Thank you so much for helping out with my urgent problem the other day, so promptly – and from the arena! I really did appreciate it (and was so impressed!).


  • Just a quick note to thank you again for coming by……this is working ever so much better. See you next month.
  • Hi Dan, thanks for the January newsletter. I added my vote to you for "outstanding customer service".


  • Hi Dan,

    It was great to meet you and thanks for your help, I love the dual screen and upgrades. I seem to have forgotten how to access the iphoto shots from the original iphoto and can only find the few new ones, can you re direct me.


  • Dan retrieved the iPhoto library I had deleted from my boyfriend's computer from a Time Machine backup I didn't even know we had. Thank you Dan, you saved my bacon!

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  • Hi Dan,What a difference!  My MacBook is working much faster now, and not getting hung up.  The newer OS and more memory really helped.Thank you.


  • Hi Dan,

    I picked up quite a few useful things in class even without a laptop, and enjoyed the course. Do please let me know if you decide to offer an intermediate level follow up. Thanks,


  • Just got home. plugged the router and computer in and its working!!!  Go figuure. You must have done something right.


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